Items for sale

My items for sale

Hey guys, here you will find every of my panties for sale. I also accept many options, like pee, brown stains, supplementary days wearing, supplementary pics or video, and much more! You can contact me and ask every information you need 😉 Every item is prepared for 24 hours consecutive wear, filled with my Thai scent and taste. Exclusively for you! I’m a fitness maniac so be sure that in the torrid Thai climate, you will have plenty of my smell and taste 😉 I will also masturbate in them for let my pungent scent and taste penetrate deep in your panties 😉 Just hover over the picture of the panties you will need and you will see the price there! 10 usd more for 24 hours wear extra – 15 usd more for 48 hours wear extra 10 usd more for pissing on them 10 usd more for skid marks 10 usd more for stuffing panties 20 usd more for a HD 5 minutes video of me playing in panties For other options… Ask me 😉 5 Hi-res picture photoset of me having fun in your panties is included in price :) Price is included shipment WORLDWIDE with TRACKING 😉 Just choose the model you prefer and send your order here, you will be pampered from me :* xoxo Thaikitty <3

Thongs / G-strings       Fullbacks       Bikini/Bootyshorts/Boyshorts      Pantyhoses / Stockings  

Thongs and G-Strings


Bikini style, Boyshorts and Bootyshorts

Pantyhoses and Stockings

Each pantyhose will cost 30 USD included shipment (optional Tracking add 5 USD), and 5 pictures of me wearing them. 10 USD more for pissing them – 10 USD more for cumming on them 10 USD more for 24 extra wear

Merry Christmas!
Hey guys, I wish for each one of you a wonderful Xmas and a kinky happy New Year! ;) xoxo Thaikitty
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