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How does my used panties look?

Hi guys, someone asked me how are my panties, once prepared?
Well here is an example of how they look after 24 and 48 hours wear on cotton crotch!

24 hours wear

24 hours wear

48 hours wear

48 hours wear

I hope I satisfied your curiosity ;)

Thanks for your support

Hi all guys…

I am writing you to reassure you I am safe and sound. Despite the coup that is developing in Thailand, in the area where I live everything is rather normal.

So for the moment I am still able to fulfill pending orders and of course accept new one.

If anything changes and I will be not able to use Internet please check my Panty Trust page.

I also ask time wasters and freeloaders to stay away from me, now more than ever, as my mood is not exactly in the best time and I could not reply kindly to who is obviously trying to take advantage from me. Forewarned is forearmed.

Sweet kisses to all my sugar fans!

Today’s panties: Blue satin thongs

Yummy day! Today I am wearing a nice pair of blue satin thongs! Do you like them? Well… They goes to you for only 20 USD! (25 USD if you need a registered shipment).
Let me make them really nice for you ;)

Choose your options and…¬†ORDER NOW!

DSC_5151Blue satin back

I reached Twitter 1,000 followers!

Hi guys,

you were so wonderful and thanks to you I reached 1,000 Twitter follower! For thank you I decided to give you a teasing video for free!

Fill the form with your contact details and I will send you a link with my free video at the end of this week!

Giveaway is valid until 14 March 2014! Hurry up!


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